Our Technology

Omnia Wellness has designed a suite of fully self-contained massage systems that have been embraced by leading professionals in the healthcare and wellness markets globally.

Our technology is built around a unique “Endo-Kinetic” restorative approach to massage and therapy. Our hydrotherapy techniques can deliver deep tissue penetration, thermal therapy, vibration, and sequential force all in one session to deliver the feeling and effect of an hour long traditional massage in as little as 15 minutes.   

This is the primary benefit of Omnia Wellness’ systems: rapid therapeutic potential in less time, less cost, and with less mess than existing technologies.

To develop our proprietary technology and prepare our products for commercialization, engineers and market experts spent years designing and placing hundreds of units in high-use and demanding commercial settings. This product verification program was important to validate reliability, performance, market features, and production capacity. Omnia’s technologies are each bold and unique therapies offering remarkable and immediate relief for a wide variety of conditions ranging from pain management to stress relief.

Our Technology

Omnia Wellness manages its own R&D and manufacturing with current production capacity of hundreds of units per month, expandable as necessary.


Advanced hydrojet technology provides powerful, soothing whole body therapy with unparalleled ease.


Integrated heat therapy provides an analgesic effect to reduce soreness and relieve pain.


Fully self-contained, our units are low-maintenance and easy to use, with a small footprint. An easy addition to the home, spa, fitness center, or business.


While the user remains completely dry, the Solajet delivers restorative, therapeutic massage faster than any other system or person. Users enjoy the benefits of massage without the time-consuming, messy, and expensive traditional human massage experience.


Medical science research suggests that massage can have vital health benefits, helping with a number of difficult-to-treat and poorly understood health conditions. Wellness benefits include enhanced blood flow and lymphatic stimulation, which can flush toxins, reduce inflammation, and restore energy.


Selling consumers home units through our own MassageWave or BodyStop partner locations Partnering with select retail stores and 3) via an aggressive e-commerce plan.

No other enclosed system delivers the combination of relaxation, therapy, convenience, and value of Omnia’s patented technologies.