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 Omnia Wellness develops products and services for wellness and physical therapy markets using our patented Dry-Hydrotherapy technology, a series of unique Endo-Kinetic therapeutic systems that can be used by both healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

Omnia Wellness, Inc. is introducing an interruptive business model into the $45 billion/year worldwide traditional massage and wellness market by delivering the unique and important benefits of proven therapy in an affordable and convenient way. The Company has created a unique and expandable business model that we believe breaks through the main barriers of massage: cost, scheduling, and quality/consistency. Our goal is to expand beyond the traditional massage market by attracting the large segment of customers who are averse to human touch and appreciate the unique “Endo-Kinetic” benefits that are delivered in about 80% lesstime than traditional massage.
Our proven therapies are dynamic and effective for the whole body to specifically aid the body in relief from pain, stress and recovery from exercise and everyday work. The Company’s flagship product, the SolaJet® massage system, delivers the feeling of an hour-long traditional massage in as little as 15 minutes… Our AquaVive® system is a first-to-market micro-climate controlled chair system that provides both rapid cooling and heating in combination with a massaging action. And, through our BodyStop and BodyStop Express Wellness centers, we are creating a unique wholly owned, partner-facility, and franchise retail opportunity.
Omnia Wellness seeks to become the leading therapeutic alternative to traditional massage while building a widely recognized brand  leading in the education and development of “Endo-Kinetic™” treatments through rapid and focused expansion in key markets globally.
Research by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) estimates that massage therapy was a $18 billion industry in the U.S. alone in 2018. Between July 2017 and July 2018, surveys indicate that 47-63 million adult Americans (or 19-28% of the American population) had a massage at least once. The opportunity to capture and expand the on-demand, hands-free market is immense.

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Omnia has developed, designed, and placed hundreds of SolaJet units, including in high‐use commercial settings..